16 Cell - Battery Management System

Cell Voltage Sensing. Temperature Sensing.
Temperature Sensing range Current Censing
Current Channel Error Balancing current per cell
Power Distribution Power Distribution Continuous current
Power Distribution Precharge Ability Short Circuit Protection, Short circuit detection current
Short circuit peak time Short circuit response time
GPIOs Number of output channels GPIOs Number of input channels
Can Communication Flash Data Logging Capacity
Flash Data Logging Capacity Active mode power Consumption
Sleep Mood Power Consuption Operating Conditions temperature
Cell Voltage Sensing 16  -  Number of channels
Temperature Sensing 2(onboard) + 8(external) ,Number of channels
Sensing range (-20°C to 120°C)
Current Sensing 1 - Number of channels
Sensing range ( -200A to 200A)
Channel error -   max (±2A,0.5A)
Balancing 210mA -  Balancing current per cell (@ V cell=4.2V)
Power Distribution Low-Side Switching
80A -  Continuous current | 55°C
100A -  Peak current | 1 min | 55°C
50Ohm -  Pre-charge ability
Short Circuit Protections 300A -  Short circuit detection current
600A -   Short circuit peak current
15uS -   Short circuit response time
GPIOs 2-  Number of output channels
2-   Number of Input channels
50mA -  Current sinking capability
Can Communication CAN, RS 485, UART, BLE
Data Logging Type Flash
180 days -   Capacity
Power Consumption Less than "20mA" -   Active mode power Consumption
Less tahn "300uA" Sleep mode power Consumption
Paralleling 5 -  Number of batteries supported
Mechanical 140mm -  Mechanical Length
20mm -  Mechanical Height
65 (+10)mm -  Mechanical Width
Operating Conditions (-20°C to 85°C) -  Operating temperature
GNSS + IRNSS* Antennas
Variants Based on continuous current capability -   30A,40A,60A,80A
Based on communication channel -   #UART, #RS485, #BLE
Precision Meets Power

Harness the prowess of WhiteKnight BMS,our premier battery managementsystem. Engineered beyond AIS-156 phase II standards,it monitors up to 16 cell flawlessly, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety for your battery configuration. .

Industry-wide Versatility

From electric 2 and 3-wheelers to cutting-edge robotics,White Knight BMS is the touchstone of integration.Its superior performance is the go-to for Battery & Vehicle OEMs and Energ Storage Systems(ESS),ensuring seamless industry operations.


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