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BMS - WhiteKnight

BMS for cost cutting in your business

  • Over the air updates (OTA).
  • Increase asset safety and management
  • Reduce service calls
  • Ease of feature addition

Edge capabilities for enhancing battery performance

  • SOC/SOH prediction capability from on board current sensing
  • An intelligent cell balancing algorithm

WhiteKnight will never give up on your battery safety

  • Reliable hardware with ASIL C safety related key components
  • Yet comparative pricing
  • On-board MOSFET power switches

Everything you would ask for on a BMS

  • Built in load, charger, can and ignition detection.
  • Parallel pack and hot swap capability
  • Data logging for events and errors
  • Advanced charger control with charger authentication


State of Charge (SOC) Estimation

Our proprietary SOC algorithms are developed in collaboration with international experts in the field of battery development. With our accurate SOC algorithms​

  • Get an accurate range with no more fear about running out of charge
  • Aids in picking right cells for cell balancing
  • Accurately estimates overcharging or undercharging and thereby improving the performance of the battery

State of Health(SOH) Estimation

State of health of a battery prediction depends on a myriad of parameters. We have mastered the art of using the variability to our advantage. With our accurate SOH estimation

  • Be sure about the life of your batteries
  • Raise service calls on time to avoid performance loss or further damage
  • Replace the battery at appropriate times for better performance

Cell Balancing

Balanced cells improve the performance of the cells, maximizes the range of the vehicle and prolongs the life of the battery. Our in-house developed cell balancing algorithms help in squeezing the maximum energy out of each cell ensuring to protect the cells from abuse


BMS is an intelligence unit of a battery with its first priority being the safety of the operator and the system itself. We made sure our BMS is the most reliable and is designed with ASIC C rated key safety components​

Over the Air Updates

Experience improved security, scalability and convenience with the feature of over the air updates on our BMS. Configure the batteries in real-time with no hassle of raising service calls and improve the uptime of your assets


Our BMS comes in a compact design with an onboard power delivery unit. Onboard pre-charge circuit and charge/discharge detection and authentication help in protecting the pack from abuse. With the various states of the BMS, the power supply to the BMS is intelligently controlled especially when the pack is low on charge.

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