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Intelligent Battery Management for More Sustainable Journeys

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Battery Analytics

What is Battery Intelligence ?

Advanced technology & algorithms to analyze & optimize the performance of batteries, enhancing their efficiency and lifespan.

Unleash your battery's potential with Lime Ai's advanced data analytics, fueled by cutting-edge Al models and comprehensive battery analysis. Our technology offers real-time monitoring, empowering you with proactive insights for safer and more dependable electric vehicle journeys. Bid farewell to worries about battery fires and risks. Trust Lime Ai for a smarter, safer future.

Key Features

Battery Safety & Health Monitoring
  • Prevent battery fires, explosions, and other safety hazards.
  • Extend battery life by detecting and addressing early signs of degradation.
Real-Time Alerts & Actionable Insights
  • Receive alerts immediately when there is a potential safety issue or performance problem.
  • Access actionable insights to help you optimize battery performance and extend battery life.
Predictive Maintainance
  • Prevent unplanned downtime by predicting when batteries will need maintenance.
  • Optimize maintenance costs by scheduling maintenance at the most opportune time.
Performance Optimization
  • Maximize battery performance by optimizing charge and discharge rates.
  • Extend battery life by avoiding overcharging and over discharging.

Elevate your device experiance with our smart engineering services.

Lime provides a complete battery service package, guiding the customer from cell selection to designing the battery packs. Our expertise leverages characterized and analyzed cell testing data, ensuring precise, optimal, and tailored battery packs for specific customer applications.

Cell Testing

Cell testing unveils battery attributes and helps in providing battery solutions. In understanding the battery attributes and limitations, various vital tests i.e., cycle life, capacity, dynamic behavior, SoC validation, thermal response, short circuit, impact resistance, and overcharge endurance are conducted in our high-tech laboratories.

Cell Modelling

Creating a robust battery system demands an accurate model mirroring real-world cell behavior amidst changing conditions. Lime's expertise shines here, as we work with various ECM and physics-based models to understand cell behavior.

Cell characterization

Amidst the vast cell testing data, the Lime battery service team efficiently analyzed the data with a custom-built application to reap the outcomes and limitations associated with cells. Our data repository houses extensive testing data, complete with plots and inferences, providing comprehensive insights into each cell's characteristics.

Pack development

Crafting a battery pack tailored to a specific application's energy needs is a meticulous process. The initial step in this journey is precisely defining the system requirements. Lime follows a sequence of steps that are pivotal in guaranteeing a secure and dependable battery pack that aligns seamlessly with system prerequisites.

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