WhiteKnight From LimeAI:Unleashing the True Potential of Li-ion Batteries with Our Revolutionary BMS

Intelligent Battery Management for More Sustainable Journeys

Real-Time Alerts

CAN/BLE & RS485 Enabled

Advanced Passive Balancing Algorithm


A compact Battery Management & Power Delivery unit with advanced algorithms & accurate SoX estimations tailored for E2W & E3W applications

An Integrated battery management system & power distribution unit that comes with high configurability, safety, and accurate SoX algorithms. Our BMS solutions go beyond the standard by offering customer specific cell characterization, improving reliability and algorithm accuracy. Maximize battery performance and safety with Lime.

  1. 14S & 16S

    Cell in Series

  1. ± 1%

    SOC Accuracy

  1. 42V - 80V

    Voltage Range

  1. CAN,BLE & RS485

    Communication Supported

  1. 14S & 16S

    Cells in Series

  1. ± 1%

    SoC Accuracy

  1. 42V - 80V

    Operating Voltage Range

  1. CAN, BLE & RS485

    Protocols Supported

Key Features

System Integration

Fully integrated BMS with advanced analytics and real-time monitoring.

Architectural Flexibility

Modular design allowing for scalable configurations beyond parallel architecture.

Safety & Certifications

Exceeds industry safety standards with additional proprietary safety features.

Cell Monitoring Capabilities

Real-time monitoring of 16 cells with predictive maintenance alerts.

Chemistry Compatibility

Universal compatibility with a specialized focus on next-gen battery chemistries.

Quality Assurance

Industry-leading quality with extended warranty and performance guarantees.

Engineering & Technical Support

24/7 dedicated support with on-site assistance options.

Software-Hardware Synergy

Advanced software platform with AI-driven optimization for performance.

BMS Datasheet

Download the datasheet for all the details about WhiteKnight BMS

Download datasheet

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